Our practice began in 2002 by specializing in tenant rights and its attendant issues, including injuries from exposure to toxic mold. Over the past decade, our law firm has become a champion for tenants who are forced to live in rental property riddled with water intrusion, dilapidation and other habitability issues.

Today, we are one of the leading Bay Area firms specializing in difficult, mold related injuries. At the same time, we have expanded our practice into general and vehicular personal injury, allowing us to provide a broader array of services to help and protect our clients.

When is toxic mold litigation not toxic mold litigation?

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Victory in Class Action Lawsuit
Against Meridian Management


Meridian Management, a major San Francisco residential property management company, used an illegal bedbug addendum in their leases that held tenants financially responsible for controlling and responding to a bed bug infestations, forced the tenant to indemnify the landlord for personal injury and property damage due to bedbugs, and forced the tenant to agree in advance that there was no reduction in services (rent rebate) if their unit became infested. Meridian used this lease addendum in buildings with known or existing bedbug problems and tried to bind new tenants to these illegal rules. As a result of the efforts of Class Counsel Aaron H. Darsky and Eric L. Lifschitz, those lease provisions were stricken from existing leases and apartment rules and Meridian tenants that suffered bedbug infestations could collect $1,100 for reduction in housing services and up to $350 for property damage. Read More...




Defeats Meritless Anti-SLAPP Appeal and
California Supreme Court Petition for Review


In an effort to delay justice, Defendant Laramar Management has spent a year and a half pursuing a frivolous anti-SLAPP Special Motion to Strike against Plaintiff John Moriarty. After their motion failed in the San Francisco Superior Court, Defendant Laramar Management appealed the decision to the Court of Appeal. Plaintiff prevailed and the opinion was subsequently published. Click the link to view a pdf of the Court of Appeal oral argument transcript, a pdf of the published opinion, the audio of the oral arguments transcript, and various articles published as a result of this decision. Read More...




Legacy of service marks
Jack Berman award winners


In the seven-plus years since he was named the 2003 winner of the Jack Berman award, Lifschitz has gone from a student to, in many ways, a teacher. Read more...



Eric Lifschitz named Volunteer Director


June 2012, Eric Lifschitz named Volunteer Director of the San Francisco Eviction Defense Collaborative to serve a three year term. The Eviction Defense Collaborative is the principal organization in San Francisco helping low-income tenants respond to eviction lawsuits. Each year the EDC provides emergency legal services and rental assistance to over 5,000 tenants in San Francisco. www.evictiondefense.org



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